About Reign RMC

Reign RMC designs, and builds remote monitoring equipment and controls for critical applications where reliability is mandatory. From the oil and gas industry to water and wastewater management, our patent pending, budget-friendly solutions make remote monitoring and control available to everyone.

Our range of reliable and affordable solutions lets you monitor the critical functions and/or activity of your equipment available anytime and anywhere via your PC, tablet, or phone. Installations are quick and easy and connects immediately via text based installation.

Reign RMC Solutions

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Water & Wastewater

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Oil & Gas

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Reign SmartPOC

Increase Production
Increase production by optimizing the efficiency of your well. By adding Reign SmartPOC™ to your well sites, you can reduce the break-even cost and turn even marginal wells into stripper wells.
Improve Operations
Information is the key to smoother operations. Real-time visibility and 24/7 alerts to out-of-control conditions help decrease operational costs and eliminate fines. Monitor what is essential to your business and plan smarter.
Decrease Fines, Spills and Leaks
Notifications and monitoring are vital components in decreasing spills and leaks. Knowing of potential issues anywhere in your system or on your sites allows for better managing maintenance schedules and stopping leaks before disasters occur to our most precious resources.

How to get started?

Step 1

Call or complete contact form for a demonstration or meeting with a Reign Representative

Step 2

Use your staff to complete installation or schedule an expert Reign installation to complete installation

Step 3

Receive a free customer dashboard training session to review your dashboard and make any changes

Our Customers Love Us

Meet the System

The Reign solutions seamlessly integrate your operations from the field, through the cloud, and straight to your PC, phone, or tablet. We can easily incorporate existing assets to report directly to our system, or Reign can add monitoring or control for less than you ever thought possible. Whether you need to bring a failing system back to life, or you need to expand and enhance an existing system, Reign RMC has a solution for you!

Why Choose Reign RMC?

Easy Installation

Although Reign offers installation services, many of our solutions are simple enough to be installed and set up by the user in minutes. In most cases, the necessary sensors are already in place on your equipment. Our support staff is ready to assist with installation and handle any issues you encounter. With our text-based setup, our installation process is the easiest in the industry.

Cloud-Based Software

The intelligence behind all Reign solutions is our cloud-based software. This software handles all communication with the devices in the field and allows for rapid decision-making. By controlling the intelligence in the cloud, we can add or replace equipment in record time and keep the cost of the devices at a minimum. Likewise, software and firmware updates can be made remotely, without visiting sites where the equipment is installed.

Remote Communications

Reign solutions utilize cellular networks to transmit data to our servers, a more secure, adaptable, and affordable alternative to fiber-optic connections. Cellular networks provide us with a cost-effective solution, and because of the all-pervasive nature of the networks, we can add monitoring, and information can be transmitted within minutes. Should we have an area where the Cellular network is not accessible, we can choose satellite as an optional solution.

Mutual Compatibility

Many operations require both monitoring and control. Reign solutions work together seamlessly and can offer a complete solution. Our Pump Off Control or Spill Kill solutions combine pressure or tank level sensors to shut down pumps when predetermined conditions occur. You can also control the devices on-demand, and all the information is visible from the Reign Dashboard.

Intuitive, Customizable Dashboards

The Reign dashboard is intuitive and highly customizable. Your custom dashboard will begin with a standard template based on your industry and the devices you have chosen to install. This agile process allows us to quickly install devices and have the information available immediately upon installation. During the customer on-boarding, we then work with you to determine what other data you would like to see, what alerts are essential to see, and who should see them. Contact us today to schedule a dashboard demonstration and visualize how we can provide you with a best-in-class solution.

All New Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions

Our Remote Monitoring & Control solutions offer several advantages over alternative systems. The solutions are; cellular-based, cloud-controlled, easy to install, rugged, and complete with an intuitive custom dashboard. Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information or a quote.

What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

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