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Reign SmartPOC™ South Texas Case Study

See how South Texas well operators were able to take advantage of the Reign SmartPOC and increase production by up to 3 times. Some wells can recover their investment in as little as three months by adding this cost-effective solution.

Stripper Well Operators often utilize antiquated devices such as clock/timer technology to try and improve their numbers; however, without the addition of intelligent monitoring, they do not see the anticipated improvements. This case study shows how to help improve fluid production, and significantly reduce unplanned downtime by simply adding monitoring and pump control.

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Luverne Alabama Case Study

Prior to working with Reign RMC, Luverne had a traditional SCADA system. Unfortunately, it was outdated and no longer functioning properly. It was also rather limited, only capable of monitoring 1 of our 2 tanks and 2of our 3 wells. In talking with other SCADA solution companies, we were told that all of our equipment and controlpanels were outdated and would need to be replaced in order to get monitoring back up and running. We received quotes from $100,000 all the way up to $250,000.

These costs were prohibitive for our municipality, and we were left having to take all of our readings and measurements manually. That included daily tank levels, pump hour meters, chemical levels, lift station levels, etc. This manual process was eating up a ton of the city’s resources. Our 4-man crew was spending a total of 6 to 8 hours per day just taking manual readings. In addition, we had to drive to every pump every morning to manually exercise them and take our chemical readings.

To make things more difficult, our state regulations require that we perform daily reporting on our water and wastewater system. This requires me to pay weekend and holiday overtime hours every week to ensure I have the necessary readings to be in compliance with regulations. Not to mention the time and resources needed to manually compile reports.

Since putting in the Reign system, everything has changed. We now have a dashboard that shows all of our assets in real time, and for a fraction of the price of what we were quoted from others. I also have all of my information automatically stored, and I can pull reporting in seconds with the click of a button. Basically, if your asset has a relay, Reign can monitor it, control it, and pull automated reports about it. That includes pumps, tanks, aerators, you name it.

Another huge benefit has been the prevention of environmental incidents. One story that I share with people is when a local shop owner called me at 5pm on a Friday to let me know we had a water leak in front of his shop. When we went out to investigate, we found out it was actually a malfunctioning lift station that was leaking sewage into the street despite being inspected earlier that morning. Not only is this a major environmental impact, but it’s also a publicity nightmare for any city.

Now with Reign, I receive automatic alerts on my phone long before we would ever reach the level of a spill. Our high level alerts let us know if we have a backup or pump issue long before sewage ever leaves the system and gives us plenty of time to correct the situation and get the system up and running properly.

We also had a well pump malfunction shortly after the daily checks were made. Prior to Reign, this could have ran the system dry since the 3rd well was not operating on the system automatically. But with our alerts from Reign, we were able to control the 3rd well from our phone and keep up with demand before the system even felt the shortfall.

I can’t communicate the peace of mind it gives to have all of the information about my system at my fingertips, at any time, from anywhere. I can also pull all of my reporting in seconds to be incompliance with regulations, and all of the weekend and holiday readings happen automatically, virtually eliminating my overtime budget.

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