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ReignRMC Oil & Gas Solutions

Learn How ReignRMC’s Oil & Gas Solutions Makes Life Easier, & Frees Up Valuable Resources, & Reduces Cost

Reign’s Oil & Gas Solutions offers real-time access to all your sites. The Reign solutions eliminate the need to frequently visit remote areas to visually check the status of the equipment, saving critical resource time and money and expensive truck rolls. The patent pending remote monitoring solutions provide essential data for making better decisions, such as when to send resources to the site for filling and emptying tanks and notify you of critical events to help eliminate spills or equipment outages.

Adding Reign’s control solutions to your automated monitoring provides the ability to automatically shut off pumps or other equipment at your remote locations, from your PC, tablet, or phone.

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Reign Tank Monitoring

Complete control and automation are possible for much less than you might expect.

Reign’s Oil & Gas Solutions Include:

  • Tank Monitoring & Spill Prevention
  • Pump Monitoring & Control
  • Flow & Pressure Monitoring
  • Pump Off Control

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Tank Monitoring & Spill Prevention

Reign’s remote tank monitoring system offers 24/7 access to the levels in all your tanks. The Reign tank monitoring solution eliminates the need to use expensive resources to physically check the tank levels, saving time and money for expensive truck rolls. Automated tank monitoring provides critical data for making better decisions about when to fill and empty the tanks and notifies you of critical tank levels to help eliminate spills or equipment outages. In addition to tank levels, you also benefit from monitoring your production numbers and when power outages occur at the site.

Adding Reign’s control solutions to your automated tank monitoring, you receive the ability to automatically shut off pumps or other equipment associated with your tanks.

Pump Monitoring
and Control

With Reign’s remote equipment monitoring in place, operators can better predict and support equipment performance. Our system provides the ability to take prompt actions when necessary to prevent unplanned downtime or spills.

Reign’s Pump Monitoring and Control Systems report current pump run status, local power conditions, and remote pump start and stop. In addition, our pump monitor and control systems can be paired with other Reign solutions, such as tank monitors, to automatically shut off pumps and help prevent expensive and damaging spills. If the tank monitoring system detects a high level, the system will shut off the pump(s) associated with the tank. When the tank reaches a low level, the system will automatically restart the pump(s).

Our systems will immediately send text and email notifications to your team if power loss occurs, substantially reducing downtime and significantly increasing production. Check out our savings calculator below to see how much more your lease can produce from power loss alerts alone.

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What can you do with Reign’s pump monitoring & control?

  • Start and stop engines remotely
  • Monitor engine temperature
  • Monitor suction and discharge pressures
  • Monitor tubing and casing pressure
  • Monitor motor amperage

Flow and Pressure

Reign Flow and Pressure Monitoring systems are among the easiest to deploy and most economical on the market. Our approach is available in both A/C and Battery powered versions. Any flow monitor with a 4-20 mA output can be connected and reported to the cloud in minutes. Our pressure monitors can be deployed in minutes anywhere a ¼” port is available. Both solutions allow you to get insight into your operations for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, allowing you to make the best operating decisions in real-time.

What can Reign’s Flow and Pressure Monitoring do for you?

  • Get real-time flow information from any flowmeter with a 4-20 mA output
  • Monitor real-time pressure from anywhere a ¼” port is available
  • Install the system in minutes, with A/C or Battery Powered options and no special tools or training

Reign Smart POC™

With the addition of a simple pressure sensor, our Pump Monitor and Control systems become powerful Pump Off Controller and time clock. By monitoring the pressure of the lead line, we can observe the current condition of the formation. Instead of running a basic time clock, now you can make sure you are running your pumps when there is product available to be drawn and automatically shut off the pump until the formation has time to recover. This results in energy savings, a significant reduction in equipment wear and tear, and staggering production increases. Some Reign customers have reported a 3x increase in production from the same well with no additional equipment.


Reign Smart POC

What can Reign’s Pump Off Controller do for you?

  • Receive all the same benefits as our pump monitor and control system
  • Replace traditional time clocks and turn your existing wells into “smart wells”
  • Automatically start pumps when there is liquid available in the formation, significantly increasing production
  • Automatically stop pumps and allow the formation to recover, reducing energy costs and wear and tear
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Why Choose a Reign Solution?

If you want the technology and controls available to large oil companies without the high cost of a towered SCADA system, Reign has the answer. Reign Systems typically pay for themselves within the first 6 months of installation, and our systems enjoy some of the longest up times and consistent reliability in the industry.

Reign’s Oil & Gas solutions are built specifically for
Independent Oil Producers with a focus on
simplicity, ease of use and low costs.

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