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How it works?

Because Reign RMC logic and software are in the cloud, not in our physical devices, Reign RMC is both less delicate and less expensive to initially install or replace in the event of damage or loss than Traditional systems.

Customizable dashboards pull data together in seconds into one convenient location for easy analysis and action.

How much money can Reign save you

Power loss, equipment failures, natural disasters (such as flooding and lighting strikes), and human error can all result in costly downtime and loss of production. Reign RMC provides real time visibility to all of your assets, automatic alerts when something is wrong, and the ability to start and stop pumps remotely or automatically. All of this means your downtime is virtually eliminated, and your assets are producing at maximum output and profitability. Enter your production volumes and average barrel sell price below to see how much money monitoring and control from Reign RMC could be saving you!

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Tank Monitoring

Reign’s remote level monitoring systems offer 24-hour, real-time access to the levels in your water, oil, fuel or other tanks as well as in pits, ponds, and reservoirs. That eliminates the need to physically check tanks and pits and provides valuable data for making better decisions about when to fill and empty.

Reign solutions can also easily link tank level monitoring to controlling pumps and valves to save time and money with the ability to automatically shut off pumps associated with your tanks or pits when a pre-defined level is reached.

Complete control and automation is possible for much less than you might expect.

  • Reign Tank Monitoring allows you to:

  • Get real time tank levels from any location

  • Receive level alerts via text or email based on preset criteria

  • Turn assets on and off based on tank levels

  • Eliminate need for physical level checks

  • Receive reports on levels and level changes automatically emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Pump Monitoring
and Control

With Reign RMC’s Pump control and monitoring system, you can sit in your office in Houston and turn on a pump in Louisiana or Pennsylvania, or just watch the activity while the operation is ongoing.

Suitable for a wide range of applications including water transfer pumps, potable and wastewater pump stations, pump jacks and anywhere else you want to remotely monitor and control a pump, Reign solutions are so simple that they can be customer installed or set up by Reign RMC, and can be installed on almost any existing asset.

Although compatible with virtually any pump with a control unit or switch, the Reign Pump Commander is specifically set up to control pumps equipped with LOFA engine control panels; any data reported to the panel will be accessible on your remote portal.

All data is logged and available via your portal for reporting purposes.

Because Reign RMC logic and software are in the cloud, not in our physical devices, Reign solutions are both less delicate and less expensive to replace in the event of damage or loss than other systems.

Reign also offers Remote Automated Shutoff for pumps. When spills can’t happen, Reign systems are the solution. Reign Pump control can be paired with other Reign Solutions to automatically shut off pumps or other equipment when predefined conditions are met.

When our tank monitoring system detects a preset high level, for instance, Reign systems shut off the pump(s) associated with the tank. When the tank reaches a preset low level, Reign solutions automatically restart the pump(s).

In the event of a high-high level, an immediate SMS notification is sent. If communication is lost for a predefined period of time, Reign pump controllers shut off the pump automatically.

  • Reign Pump Monitoring and Control allows you to:

  • Start and stop engines remotely

  • Increase and decrease RPM

  • Monitor fuel level and fuel pressure

  • Monitor engine temperature

  • Monitor suction and discharge pressures

  • Receive email and/or text alerts based on user-defined criteria such as low fuel, high temp, etc

Flow and Pressure

If you want easy-to-read flow meter information delivered to your inbox in hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly reports, or available anytime via our easy to navigate dashboard, Reign has your solutions.

Reigns flow monitoring is less complicated to use than traditional SCADA systems, a fraction of the price, and quick and easy to install. In fact, most solutions are simple enough for customer installation.

In addition, Reign can provide lead line pressure monitoring, allowing you to only draw product when the formation is full, greatly reducing energy and wear on assets. When the formation does fill back up, pressure monitoring can be paired with our pump controls to automatically restart pump jacks, virtually eliminating downtime and greatly increasing production. Customers have experienced wells that produce 1 barrel a day increasing to as much as 3 barrels a day from this innovative solution

In addition to solar power, Reign systems can tap into local power sources, or operate on battery alone, giving you ultimate flexibility and the ability to monitor remote assets that used to be impossible or cost prohibitive to monitor in the past.

  • Reign Flow and Pressure Monitoring allows you to:

  • Monitor real time flow and pressure rates

  • Only draw product when formation is full

  • Reduce energy use and equipment wear and tear

  • Receive reports on rates automatically emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Pump Off Controllers (POC)

Independent general production wells ranging from 5-7 barrels or less cannot be profitable without some source of automation or monitoring solution implemented. Devices such as Pump Off Controllers are critical in optimizing fluids out of formations. Power failures alone can account for a 10-15 percent in loss production. Power monitoring is critical for continued run times of equipment. Implemented POC systems along with the ability for producers to control these times will increase production by a large enough amount that you can keep marginal wells in service. Reigns Pump off Controller Systems limit personnel from manually checking these assets and can allow a 30% increase in production at each well with no additional equipment or investment.

With fluctuating market prices, along with the shortage and expense of qualified field technicians, a Monitoring & Control System is the most beneficial solution for producers to immediately maximize the yield from their producing sites. Traditional solutions are radically complex and hard to install on existing equipment. Those issues, along with resale companies not understanding production process, is why most marginal wells aren’t considered for this need. Reign solutions are user friendly, simple to operate, fully customizable, and turn these marginal wells into profitable assets.

Pump off controllers are a technology used by oil producers on rod pumps to more efficiently and effectively operate within the characteristics of their leases. The controllers have become common industry practice for new oil wells.

Though the technology is not new, pump-off controllers have not always been common industry practice. There are many wells still operating on clock/timer technology as the cost/benefit analysis has not yet come into balance; until now.

Reign RMC helps bring opportunity to the oil producer’s doorstep. Our system is a low cost, easily deployed Cellular SCADA system that reports specific readings to the ReignCloud Portal allowing customization of when to start and stop pumping units based on what’s available at the site. For example:

  1. Tubing Pressure
  2. Casing Pressure
  3. Motor Amps
  4. Lead line condition
  5. Tank Battery site condition (High Level would also Stop pump jack)

If you want the technology and controls large oil companies have in place without the high cost of a towered SCADA system, Reign has the answer. Reign Systems typically pay for themselves within the first 6 months of installation, and our systems enjoy some of the longest up times and consistent reliability in the industry.

  • Reigns Pump Off Controller allows you to:

  • Monitor Tubing Pressure

  • Monitor Casing Pressure

  • Monitor Motor Amps

  • Monitor Lead line condition

  • Monitor Tank Battery site condition.

  • Receive instant alerts via text or email if assets fall outside of preset criteria

  • Only draw product when formation is full greatly increasing production without any additional equipment

Reign is a solution built specifically for
Independent Oil Producers with a focus on
simplicity, ease of use and low costs.

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