Pump Monitoring & Control

With Reign RMC’s Pump Commander control and monitoring system, you can sit in your office in Houston and turn on a pump in Louisiana or Pennsylvania, or just watch the activity while the operation is ongoing.

Suitable for a wide range of applications including water transfer pumps, potable and wastewater pump stations, pumpjacks and anywhere else you want to remotely monitor and control a pump, the Pump Commander can be customer installed or set up by Reign RMC.

Although compatible with virtually any pump with a control unit or switch, the Reign Pump Commander is specifically set up to control pumps equipped with LOFA engine control panels; any data reported to the panel will be accessible on your remote portal.

Pump Commander allows you to remotely:

  • Start and stop engines
  • Increase and decrease RPM
  • Monitor fuel level and fuel pressure
  • Monitor engine temperature
  • Monitor suction and discharge pressures
  • Receive alerts based on user-defined criteria such as low fuel, high temp, etc.
Reign RMC

All data is logged and available via your portal for reporting purposes.

Because Reign RMC logic and software are in the cloud, not in our physical devices, Pump Commander is both less delicate and less expensive to replace in the event of damage or loss than other systems.

Combine Pump Commander with Reign’s Spill Kill automated well/pump shutdown system for even greater confidence.