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Guaranteed Production Increase From Your Existing Stripper Well

Producers turn to Reign when they want more from their Existing Stripper Wells. Isn’t it time to step into the 21st Century and increase your production by 3x more?

  • Do you want to increase production on your existing wells?
  • Do you want to reduce the break-even cost — transform marginal wells into stripper wells?
  • Do you want to manage more assets with your existing labor force?
  • Do you want to prevent production loss and fines from spills?
  • Do you realize that old school time clocks do not provide maximum yields?
  • Are you frustrated with poor customer service from existing monitoring companies?

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*C1D1 Option Available for Additional Cost

Reign SmartPOC

Increase Oil Production

How much money can Reign save you

Power loss, equipment failures, natural disasters (such as flooding and lighting strikes), and human error can all result in costly downtime and loss of production. Reign RMC provides real time visibility to all of your assets, automatic alerts when something is wrong, and the ability to start and stop pumps remotely or automatically. All of this means your downtime is virtually eliminated, and your assets are producing at maximum output and profitability. Enter your production volumes and average barrel sell price below to see how much money monitoring and control from Reign RMC could be saving you!

Barrels Produced Per Year:

Average Price Per Barrel:

Reign SmartPOC™ Features

  • Power Status Monitoring
  • Pump Run-time Reporting
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Remote Start and Stop
  • Flow Estimation
  • Tubing Leak Detection
  • Down Hole Issue Analysis
  • Immediate Equipment Failure Notification
  • Virtual Time Clock (VTC) Functionality
  • SMS Text Controls, Setup, and Readings
  • Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Direct Text Communication & Control

Reign Text Communication Reign Text Communication

Complete With the ReignCloud Dashboard

ReignCloud Dashboard

Reign SmartPOC ™ Benefits

  • Increased production at a price point that justifies a system on every pump
  • Lower your Break-Even Point
  • Reign’s patent pending SmartPOC™ is easily installed on any new or existing equipment
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • ROI of 6 months for wells producing as little as 1/2 a barrel per day
  • Reduced wear on the equipment and lower maintenance costs by reducing run times and controlling preventative maintenance schedules

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Reign SmartPOC
Reign SmartPOC