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ReignRMC Water & Wastewater Solutions

ReignRMC Water & Wastewater Solutions
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Learn How ReignRMC’s Water & Wastewater Solutions Makes Life Easier, Reduce Spills & EPA Fines, & Helps Protect Our Valuable Resources

Reign’s Water & Wastewater Solutions offers real-time access to your critical infrastructure. The Reign solutions eliminate the need to frequently visit remote areas to visually check the status of the equipment. Obtain peace of mind with the 24/7 notification of leaking Air Release Valves and pressure events. The remote monitoring solutions provide essential data for making better decisions, such as when to send resources to a particular event, or scheduling preventative maintenance. Let the system handle the monitoring for critical events and help eliminate spills or equipment outages.

Adding Reign’s control solutions to your automated monitoring provides the ability to automatically shut off pumps or other equipment at your remote locations, from your PC, tablet, or phone.

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Reign Water Monitoring

Complete control and automation are possible for much less than you might expect.

Reign’s Water & Wastewater Solutions Include:

  • Monitor Leaks or Pressure of Air Release Valves
  • Monitor Pressure
  • Monitor Flow
  • Control Pumps Automatically or On-Demand
  • Monitor Tank Levels

Call or send in a request for a demonstration of the powerful automation available to you at a price you can afford.

Call or send in a request for a demonstration of the powerful automation available to you at a price you can afford.

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ReignAir Solution:

  • Provides Receipt of Instant Alerts of Valve Failure and Vent Tube Leaks
  • Detects Blockages and Breaks
  • Takes the Guesswork Out of Potential Problems
  • Allows You to Prioritize Maintenance and Get Ahead of Issues
  • Gives Insight Into Remote Portions of the System
  • Maps the Location of Each ARV

ReignAir ARV Monitoring

Understaffed municipalities should not be burdened with field checking air release valves or relying on the public to report visibly leaking valves. In addition, failure to service valves that need attention can lead to increased pump run times, pump failures, pipe breaks, leaks, and a host of other problems.

Our ReignAir solution provides the customer with an instant overview of their system and lets them prioritize maintenance and get ahead of issues before they get out of hand. ReignAir gives insight into remote portions of a system previously inaccessible with other monitoring solutions.

Monitor almost any new or existing air release valve and from your PC, tablet, or smartphone 24/7. ReignAir provides instant notification of any leaks or pressure anomalies via text, phone call, or email. Users also access live or historical pressure readings from the ReignCloud dashboard, where a map will highlight any valve needing attention.

ReignAir goes beyond monitoring individual ARVs and provides a powerful tool to diagnose issues in a system. Make life easier, free up valuable time, and save resources by taking the guesswork out of problems.

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Flow and Pressure Monitoring

Reigns flow, and pressure monitoring helps to mitigate the risks caused by unmanaged water. High fluctuations in pressure levels increase stress on pipes throughout the system. Many utilities are dealing with aging infrastructure. These fluctuations can put even more strain on these frail systems and increase the occurrence of leaks or more severe main breaks, using more water and increasing operational costs. Our pressure and flow monitoring solutions help reduce energy costs, improve system maintenance, and detect water leakage.

The Reign solutions can tap into local power sources, or operate on battery alone, giving you ultimate flexibility and the ability to monitor remote assets that used to be impossible or cost prohibitive. Our solutions provide continual data collection, giving insight into the impact of infrastructure failures and pressure variants. When system failures like valve closure, pipe fracture, or pump stoppage disrupt the flow, which can cause high or low-pressure surges to occur, the system can alert your staff of the condition and perform pump start-up or shutdown as required.

What can you do with Reign’s flow and pressure monitoring?

  • Receive Instant Alerts of Flow Disruption, or High or Low Pressure Surges
  • Receive Instant Alerts of Power Outages
  • Identify the Infrastructure Failures
  • Monitor Pump Start-Up and Shut-Down
  • Prioritize Maintenance and Get Ahead of Issues

Reign Pump Monitoring Solution:

  • Monitor Suction and Discharge Pressures
  • Monitor Pump Start-up and Shut-down
  • Start and Stop Equipment Remotely
  • Monitor Engine Temperature
  • Receive Instant Alerts of Power Outages
  • Prioritize Maintenance and Get Ahead of Issues

ReignRMC Pump Monitoring & Control

Reign’s pump monitoring and control solutions are suitable for many applications, including water transfer pumps, wastewater grinder pumps, lift stations, treatment plants, and practically anywhere else you need to monitor and control a pump.

Wastewater systems can be contaminated with high levels of foreign debris that can block the pumps, requiring frequent intervention by service technicians and causing sewage to leak. Other common issues, such as pumps turning off and on intermittently for no reason, can cause wear and tear on the systems.

Reign’s solution provides continuous monitoring of your pumps; we take the guesswork out of manual checking of the systems and significantly reduce the chance of costly damage to your pumps and other equipment. With the constant increase of debris entering the wastewater systems, remote monitoring and automated control of the pumps provide both immediate and ongoing benefits such as increased operator safety, energy savings, reduced downtime, and planned maintenance.

Why Choose a Reign Solution?

If you want the technology and controls available in large municipalities without the high cost of integrated citywide systems, Reign has the answer. Reign Systems typically pay for themselves within the first six months of installation, and our systems enjoy some of the longest up times and consistent reliability in the industry.

Reign’s Water and Wastewater Division is
focused on protecting our most precious resource, water, by providing economical and
straightforward solutions.

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