How Flow-based Water Leak Detection & Shut Off Systems Work

Water damage may become a major risk for both safety and health in a wide range of situations. With the assistance of innovative technology, common threats of water damage are minimized in order to ensure that your property is at a lowered risk for damage long term.

Flow-based Water Leak Detection

How does a water leak detection system work?

Water leak detection systems are extremely beneficial systems that function by preventing water from causing excess damage to your property. Factors such as temperature and humidity impact the processes of water flow, as well as the amount of water flowing throughout a given space.

Most water leakage detection systems use flood sensors to detect changes or issues in proper water flow. The major difference in many systems to be aware of is whether or not the system will automatically reset or shut off water supply to prevent the risk of further damage occurring. Excess water flow shut-off valves act as the key part of a water leak detection system, because they ensure that any changes in water flow do not become a greater risk to your property by stopping the water supply.

Smart water leak detectors are extremely innovative, with advanced features including notifications that keep you informed of any changes to your property’s or tank’s water flow. With internet connection or WIFI, water sensors will alert you of the water issues so that your property is not at any further risk.

How does an excess water flow shut-off valve work?

An excess water flow shut-off valve works using water leak sensors in order to detect issues in water flow rates. Should an issue such as possible water leakage or damage to normal water flow occur, the smart water sensors alert the system. The valve system detects the leak alert and shuts off the water supply to your building or home. Many shut-off valves operate with systems using smart home water sensors, which help to keep risks of water damage low through quick alerts and action.

Issues such as excess water flow or major changes in water level are detected through the water leak detection systems. Once any issues with water flow are found by the system’s smart home flood sensors, the water supply is immediately shut off. The automated shut off system stops further water damage from occurring to your property and limits the potential damage excess water can cause.