Why Choose Reign

Every job starts with a consultation and listening to the customer’s specific needs. Together we will select the telemetry devices that fit your needs and budget.

Our staff includes former oilfield energy services executives, Water & Wastewater professionals, electricians and construction personnel, not just IT guys. We understand the need for meeting timelines, simple to understand and intuitive to operate technology. We’re not built for the IT professional, we are built for everyone else that needs a fast, secure, easy to understand system with simple yet powerful reporting.

Reign RMC telemetry solutions offer a number of advantages over alternative systems. Please contact us for additional information or a quote.


Many of our solutions utilize cellular networks to transmit data to our servers, a more adaptable and affordable alternative to fiber-optic connections. In remote locations where cellular is not an option, we provide other solutions, such as satellite communications. Likewise, in certain applications we can use simple, inexpensive RF and Wifi communications.


Because the software and logic driving Reign solutions is in the cloud, not in our devices, Reign’s physical devices are less delicate and less costly. In the event of a lightning strike, for instance, one of our devices can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of competitive devices. Likewise, software and firmware updates can be made remotely, without visiting sites where solutions are installed, increasing performance and security.


Although Reign offers installation services, many of our solutions are simple enough to be installed and set up by the user in minutes. In most cases, the necessary sensors are already in place on your equipment; our solutions simply collect their data, transmit it to the cloud, translate it to a dashboard or other interface, and, when necessary, send a command to perform an action like stopping or starting a pump.


Users receive data from Reign solutions in forms as simple as SMS text messages or automated emails, and as sophisticated as touch-screen dashboards customized to your specific application. Many solutions also log data and can generate reports to help you find characteristics, predict behavior, and reduce costs over time. Unlike competitors, our reports are lightning fast to pull and easy to customize and digest.


Reign solutions can be easily combined to achieve still greater control over your assets. Our Pump control automatic shutoff system, for instance, is frequently combined with our tank/level monitoring system to automatically shut down pumps when a pre-defined level is reached. In many instances, information from more than one system can be combined seamlessly into a single, intuitive dashboard.