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Why Choose Reign?

At Reign RMC®, we strive to deliver solutions that help the Water & Wastewater and Oil & Gas industry optimize their staff and equipment to protect our environment. We believe that by providing solutions to help you lower the cost of operations and increase awareness of potential risks associated with everyday operations, we can create a positive outcome for our planet.

Our staff includes highly experienced individuals with the understanding and initiative to meet and exceed expectations when it comes to delivering the appropriate solution to meet your needs and your budget, with a passion for protecting our most precious resources.

The Reign RMC® telemetry solutions offer several advantages over alternative systems. Including but not limited to:


Many of our solutions utilize cellular networks to transmit data to our servers. This provides a more sustainable and affordable alternative to hardwired solutions. In remote locations where cellular is not an option, we can offer other solutions such as satellite communications.


The ReignCloud server and dashboard are at the center of our solutions. By keeping the information in the cloud, not in our devices, we can quickly adapt to new technology and update the devices associated with our solutions as needed. For instance, in the event of a lightning strike, one of our devices can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of competitive devices and be up and running within minutes.


Our solutions are created with ease of installation in mind. This allows our customers the ability, in most cases, to install the equipment themselves. While having an easy installation process helps reduce cost, we know that sometimes you need help. Should you choose to have one of our expert staff install your product or you need a quick answer to a problem, we have you covered; the choice is yours.


Users receive data from Reign solutions in several ways. We can set up your system and check the status of the equipment with SMS text messages. Our customer dashboards are tailored to your specific industry and need. We begin with an industry template and then make changes based on what you, as a customer, would like to see. The data can quickly be taken directly from your dashboard to a spreadsheet, where you can push the information to other systems or create your reports or spreadsheets.


Reign solutions can be easily combined to achieve greater control over your assets. Our Pump control automatic shutoff system, for instance, is frequently combined with our tank/level monitoring system to shut down pumps when a pre-defined level is reached automatically. In many cases, information from more than one system can be combined seamlessly into a single, intuitive dashboard.


Michael Pullis, Mechanical Supervisor WastewaterFlorida Keys Aqueduct Authority
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Reign supplied their ReignAir™ units to monitor air valves for body pressure as well as early warnings if they start to leak. One unit was installed on an ARV on a bridge over a pristine waterway where leaks just cannot happen. Within a few weeks, we received an alert that the valve was starting to malfunction and needed maintenance. Their alert was correct, and this early warning allowed us to service the valve before it failed and helped us avoid any environmental impact. I see more applications where this visibility into our Air Valves will be helpful.

Jimmy Thomas – CPI5Caddo Parish, LA
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“I would like to send a huge shout out to Reign and the wonderful monitors they sold us a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend me and my partner were emailed and alerted of suspicious activity on our tanks. The monitors showed us on our App where a certain percentage of oil went from 80% to 20% without our knowledge. We immediately handled this situation and thankful for the investment we made with Reign on the purchase of the monitors.”

Wayne Morphis, Public Works SupervisorOla Arkansas, Public Works Supervisor
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If you have need for an affordable SCADA or aeration for your water or wastewater treatment, I strongly recommend AO3 Solutions. You'll find no better professionalism during the whole process of evaluation to installation than Tom Baird (ReignRMC® Distributor for Arkansas and Oklahoma). But what I'm most impressed with is the service afterwards....can't beat it!!! Oh and may I say, it's a great product.

Michelle Royals, PELuverne, Alabama City Engineer
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I can’t communicate the peace of mind it gives to have all of the information about my system at my fingertips, at any time, from anywhere. I can also pull all of my reporting in seconds to be in compliance with regulations, and all of the weekend and holiday readings happen automatically, virtually eliminating my overtime budget.

Arkansas Water Township
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Simplest , easiest system I’ve dealt with, we don’t have a lot of funds for standard SCADA system out there and Reign’s System is a fraction of the cost . Highly Recommended

4R Operating
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Reign has been providing us solutions for over 8 years now, from Power Failure Alerts, High Level Notifications and Shutdowns to Pump Controls and Tank Monitoring. When I say these systems are tough and reliable that’s an understatement. Reign’s service along with the knowledge about this industry sets them apart from any company out there, we can call at anytime and not only get help starting or shutting wells down due to emergencies , but if needed, a field application engineer shows up and designs a system that allows us to monitor or control without the cost that other system just can’t touch. That service is priceless.


What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

Please contact us for additional information or a quote.

What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

Please contact us for additional information or a quote.