Innovations in Oil & Gas through Automation

As with most industries, innovations in technology are ever evolving. In the oil and gas industry specifically, innovations in automation have been key to improve efficiency and field operations.

These improvements have been essential to save time and money in the industry as a whole, increasing efficiency and saving company time.

innovations in oil & gas

Benefits of Automation in the oil and gas industry

Advancements in technology for the oil and gas industry has been extremely beneficial. The main benefits these advancements in automation are cost and production efficiency, along with making improvements to the safety of operations and increased safety measures.

The main benefit of automation in the oil and gas industry is increased efficiency. Many time-consuming processes have seen advancements with data-driven technology that allows for these measurements to made in real time, without having personnel set foot near operations.

In addition, other advancements have made preventative maintenance procedures viable, allowing machinery to be fixed in a timely manner with little disruption to regular operation.

Innovations within the industry have improved the speed of productivity, which in turn, drives better visibility in the supply chain. Another major benefit of these innovations is affordable gas prices, a steady supply of natural gas to meet world demand, and an improvement in energy transition methods.

Another important section of these innovations comes with improving cost efficiency with the induction of more reliable and trackable preventative maintenance measures. Using preventative maintenance protocol decreases the risk of damage to expensive equipment and also increases the safety of workers. Not only do these protocols lower maintenance costs, but they also help to ensure the safety of employees.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advancements

Within the oil and gas industry, technological advancements in AI technology is another way that function has been improved. Artificial intelligences continue to improve operations in all stages, including upstream, downstream, and midstream.

Current AI technology is focused on data-driven, reliable technology that improves the quality of information and the risk of error within that information is reduced. This reduction in errors saves oil and gas companies time and increases productivity.

Another benefit of these new systems is increased safety for workers. Obtaining valuable readings within the industry can be very dangerous and difficult to do. AI technology reduces the need for these dangerous procedures, giving real-time data to your computer or smart phone automatically, increasing worker safety.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance uses data collection from machinery and increases the value of communication between field sensors and machine learning capabilities. Predictive maintenance improves field service maintenance and streamlines the process, making it more efficient.

When predictive maintenance protocols are in place, the alert operators of potential damage risks or machine errors. This technology is made is predict errors and problems before they even occur. Not only will this increase maintenance costs, but it also decreases the cost of machine maintenance, increases productivity, and increases worker safety.

How Reign Can Help

Reign works with you to optimize production on site, ensuring gas is only being pumped when pressure is at the right level, and not when pressure is too high or too low, affecting the efficiency of the well.

By doing so, Reign can help you to lower the time that the pump is running and generating methane waste. Reign works to ensure that efficiency and safety are of upmost importance, reducing risks and lowering costs.


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What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

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What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

Please contact us for additional information or a quote.