Does Reign RMC’s POC Automatically Shut Off Pumps?

Is Reign RMC’s new POC capable of automatically shutting off pumps? Yes, it can, and it makes all the difference.

What Is Reign RMC’s POC?

Reign RMC has introduced a new Pump Off Controller (POC) for use in both municipal applications as well as oil & gas. Reign’s POC offers similar features and benefits to a SCADA system but without the heavy investment. This new POC allows operators to remotely manage their wells’ basic functionality and operate on a cellular network (even in the most remote locations) to deliver data intelligence and accept commands from anywhere the operator chooses to be. 

Why Is It Important?

There are a few reasons why Reign RMC’s POC is so important for operators and well tenders. The first is control. Marginal wells, stripper wells, or those with lower volumes don’t warrant the constant activity and expensive SCADA data systems that higher-producing wells require. However, these wells remain profitable and producing so while a larger system may not be cost-effective, Reign RMC’s POC is able to fill that void and provide control. 

Efficiency is also a key advantage. For example, if a well produces more during daylight hours and virtually nothing at night, this pump-off controller is able to shut down and start back up to reduce wear and tear on the asset. Additionally, this also reduces costs that would be wasted during unproductive hours. This leads to increased production during the times when it matters and reducing costs during unproductive times.

Lastly, some wells use a centralized impoundment (tank) to collect resources. When the liquid storage is full, pumping must stop, and a failure to cease pumping will cause the tank to overflow and create an ecological hazard. In addition to the damage that will have to be repaired, there are considerations of paperwork, filings with the EPA, a potential shut down of operations until the matter is resolved and any other myriad of problems. Utilizing a POC makes it possible to shut down one or multiple wells without physically being on-site to do so. 

How Does Reign’s POC Automatically Shut Off Pumps?

Reign RMC’s Pump Off Controller (POC) uses smart field technology. Satellite operations are expensive and can be unreliable, our POC is different. By utilizing proprietary technology Reign can use even the weakest of cellular network signals to operate equipment remotely. The all-weather blue box is filled with circuits and regulators that are complex and diverse but allow for easy installation. These boxes can be installed in a matter of a few hours, unlike other monitoring systems that take days to set up. Even first time installers find the 1-2-3 approach to getting started to be quick and easy, and they’re managing their assets online within a couple of hours. 

Reign’s POC utilizes just two cords extending from the magic blue box to operate the well and report back data. Parameters in the management’s system can automatically shut off pumps on a schedule, on command, or based on data received. 

Do you own stripper wells, marginal wells, or low-producing assets that could benefit from a low-cost, high-efficiency system such as this? Reach out to us today.