Cellular Integration in Tank Monitoring in Oil and Gas

Tank monitoring is critical for efficient operations in the oil and gas sector. It is important to know the quality, volume, and other properties of stored or transported liquid (pumps, tanks, systems) to ensure proper accuracy in inventory management, costing, and production. 

Smart tank monitoring systems that rely on cellular networks can provide real-time data which allows operators and technicians to analyze and optimize multiple systems from a single point of data input and control. 

How Cellular Networks Work with Remote Tank Monitoring

It is well known that cellular networks are essential for everyday communication, from connecting with family and friends to conducting business. But did you know that cellular networks are also used for a wide variety of other applications, such as remote tank monitoring? 

Remote or wireless tank level monitoring systems can monitor the level, temperature, pressure, and other types of data associated with tanks, and cellular networks can be used to transmit the data across long distances.

First, let’s look at how cellular networks work. Cellular networks use radio towers to transmit data over the airwaves, which are then received by compatible devices in the coverage area. You can think of cell towers as a giant homing beacon that extends the cellular network’s reach. Thanks to the robust nature of cellular networks, data can be sent and received across large geographical areas, making them an ideal solution for remote tank monitoring.

Now, let’s look at how cellular networks can be used for tank monitoring. In order to use a cellular network for tank monitoring, a cellular modem is installed near the tank. This modem, along with level sensors, transmit data from the tank to the cellular network, which is then sent to the monitoring platform. This monitoring platform can then be accessed by the end user, allowing them to view the data in real time from wherever they are.

The Advantages of Cellular Network Integrated Tank Monitoring Solutions

1. Cost-Efficient

Cellular-based tank monitoring solutions are comparatively cheaper to install and maintain as compared to traditional wired solutions. The initial installation cost is low, resulting in a quick ROI and reduced maintenance costs.

2. Real-Time Monitoring

Cellular based tank monitoring solutions provide real-time monitoring of the tanks, allowing you to get detailed information about the tank’s status, tank level readings, temperature, and other parameters in real-time. This enables you to take corrective action quickly and efficiently.

3. Automated Diagnostics

The automation capabilities of cellular based tank level data monitoring solutions allow you to create automated diagnostics that generate alerts when something goes wrong. You can also set up automated system repairs and maintenance to ensure predictable performance and continuous operations.

4. Flexibility

Cellular based tank monitoring solutions are highly flexible and can be adapted to your existing tank management system. You can mix and match features and integrate it with other systems to provide a comprehensive tank monitoring system.

5. Scalability

Cellular based tank monitoring solutions are highly scalable, allowing you to add more nodes as the need arises. This enables you to grow your system with your business thereby providing you with real-time and predictive analytics to better manage your tanks.

Reign RMC: The VTL Tank Level Indicator 

Upgrade your tank level monitoring system today with Reign RMC’s VTL tank level indicator! Our cellular network integrated, real-time, remote monitoring system will save you time and money with the added assurance of always knowing the tank level you need to know. Take your operations to the next level with Reign RMC’s cutting-edge technology!


Remote tank monitoring is the usage of telemetry systems, sensors, and other remote monitoring techniques to track, monitor, and manage the performance of tanks in remote locations. This is used to identify potential issues regarding tank operation, maintenance, and safety in order to ensure optimal tank performance in any location.

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What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

Please contact us for additional information or a quote.

What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

Please contact us for additional information or a quote.