4 Industries that Benefit the Most from Tank Level Monitoring

In recent years, businesses of all sizes and in all industries have become increasingly reliant on tank level monitoring systems. It’s becoming more important than ever for companies to keep an eye on tank levels to ensure that storage tanks are operating optimally and that they are being well-maintained and safe. Most businesses with a need to monitor their liquid storage tanks would benefit from having a tank level monitoring system in place. However, there are certain industries that benefit more than others.

Tank Level Monitoring Systems

Tank level monitoring systems are devices designed for measuring liquid content inside a tank. Tank level gauges and advanced sensors that gather level data are typically used in industrial and commercial applications where measurements of liquid levels need to be observed and monitored over long periods of time. The system is used to ensure that a tank does not overfill, have inadequate levels, or even have problems associated with underflow.

Tank Monitoring System Types

There are a few different types of tank level monitoring systems, each of which has its own specific benefits. The most common type of industrial tank level indicator is a float switch, which is used to detect the level of fluid in the tank. The float switch contains a float that can be set to a specific predetermined level. When the fluid level reaches the float level, an electrical signal carries the message back to a relay, which can indicate the level of the fluid. This type of system does not require any external power and is relatively easy to install and use.

Another type of tank level monitoring system is an ultrasonic system. This device works by sending ultrasonic waves to determine the level of fluid in the tank. The waves bounce off the surface of the liquid, and the frequency at which these waves are received back can indicate the level of the liquid. This type of system is more precise and accurate than a float switch system, and is typically used in more demanding applications.

Pressure transducers are another type of system which make use of pressure differentiation to measure tank levels. The system works by having different pressures at different levels in the tank. These pressures are monitored over the course of a given time frame and can be used to determine the level inside the tank. Pressure transducers are the most accurate type of monitoring system available, however they do require a power source for their operation.

IoT Remote Tank Level Indicators

IoT-enabled tank monitoring systems allow companies to access data from anywhere, in real-time. This data can provide a wealth of tank data, including tank levels, flow rates, temperatures, and more. IoT systems also allow users to access and track historical data going back for weeks, giving users incredibly detailed views into the performance of their tanks over given periods of time. The data can then be used to identify trends, create insights, and ultimately, improve operations.

Thanks to the advancements of IoT and wireless technology, these monitoring systems have become more accessible and easy to read than ever. In addition, many of these systems are available with advanced features, such as analytics capabilities, forecasting tools, management systems, and other features that can make tank level monitoring more efficient and reliable. Remote tank level sensors are superior to traditional tank gauges and level measurements.

Industrial Applications for Tank Level Monitoring

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the most common industries to benefit from tank level monitoring technology. This is due to the potential for spillage, a common problem in this type of industry when tanks are not carefully managed; tank level monitoring can help to prevent this from occurring. Furthermore, tank level monitoring can help to save time and money by reducing the necessity to manually inspect each tank. This is especially important in remote areas, where manual inspection is both time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, oil tank level monitoring systems can help oil and gas companies to optimize their supply chain and production processes in order to maximize efficiency.


Manufacturing is another key industry that benefits from tank level monitoring technology. Manufacturers rely on tank level monitoring to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of raw materials and inputs required for production. Additionally, tank level monitoring can help a manufacturing company to identify safety issues, as tanks that remain at a low level for an extended period of time can be a sign of a potential leak. Furthermore, by using tank level monitoring, companies can avoid overstocking inventory, as well as ensure that production schedules are maintained.


The utility industry also benefits from tank level monitoring, as the technology can help to optimize the delivery of gas, water, and electricity. Tank level monitoring, such as water tank level monitoring systems, can help utility companies to pinpoint areas that are low in supply and require more resources. Additionally, tank level monitoring can help to reduce energy and water waste, allowing utilities companies to reduce the costs associated with producing and delivering utilities. 


Finally, the construction industry is a major beneficiary of tank level monitoring, particularly fuel tank level monitoring systems. Tank level monitoring can be used to track materials, such as water, cement, and oil, allowing for efficient and cost-effective use of resources. Additionally, tank level monitoring can help to prevent environmental issues, such as water or oil spills, which can occur when construction sites are left unsupervised for longer periods of time. By using tank level monitoring, construction companies can ensure that resources are used responsibly and in a cost-effective manner. 

Reign RMC

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Tank level monitoring is the process of tracking and recording the amount of liquid held in a tank. This monitoring is critical for operations to ensure tank levels are functioning correctly.

Tank monitors are important because they provide real-time data on the level of fuel and other liquids in tanks, giving users the ability to proactively manage their tank contents. This helps prevent against costly spills, overfilling, and other safety risks.

Reign RMC’s ViewPoint VTL tank level monitor is a highly accurate and reliable water level sensor designed with wireless remote access capabilities to provide real-time views of tank levels. It is the ideal solution for managing and monitoring water levels across multiple storage tanks.

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What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

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What Can Reign RMC Do For You?

Please contact us for additional information or a quote.