Save Lives and Optimize Your Operations

Undoubtedly, the Pumpers that manage and care for your wells are essential to your business. These are the heroes of your business and are as crucial in keeping the oil flowing from your wells as the actual pumps, piping, and other equipment.
Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death for the pumpers critical to your business. One study found that oil industry workers are 8.5 times more likely to die in a vehicle accident than in any other industry. Having your Pumpers drive from site to site each day to check your equipment performance physically and measure output is costly and puts them at unnecessary risk of getting into an accident. Why not optimize their schedules by adding remote monitoring and control to your site?


The major producers have used this for a long time, and now technology has reached a point where this type of monitoring is affordable and highly viable for smaller operations. The monitoring equipment can be easily added to your existing sites and provide you with constant visibility to your site 24 hours, 7 days per week. These systems not only monitor the system but can also alert you to any number of conditions and allow you to optimize when your Pumper should visit the site and what equipment they may need to have on hand to handle the situation.
How can a remote monitoring and control system help? Monitor your tanks’ levels and send alerts when they are too high or too low or there is a rapid change in levels. Monitor the pressures such as casing or tubing, and optimize the performance of the well. Monitor the amperage of your motors and even alert you as to a possible motor failure. Monitor your compressors and show you when they turn off unexpectedly. Monitor the power on your site and alert you of a power failure. And much more. 

Not only do these systems monitor your site, but they can also automatically power down your equipment remotely when critical conditions are reached. For example, an SWD can automatically turn off the feeder wells, even if the wells are many miles away. This can save you the cost of expensive spills and downtime for cleanup. In addition, the ReignRMC remote monitoring and control options provide you with affordable solutions to better utilize your site resources by giving them the tools to access the site from their mobile phone or PC and receive text, emails, or voice alerts of critical conditions.
If you would like more information on how a remote monitor and control system can help optimize your field personnel and give you full access to your site from anywhere, call or email us for a demonstration and let ReignRMC put these powerful tools in the hands of your Pumpers.