The Importance of Automated Tank Monitoring Systems

Automated tank monitoring systems can be critical for your assets, but why are they so important?

What Is Tank Monitoring?

Fluid storage, whether it’s freshwater, produced water, crude oil, or waste constantly shifts its content volume as fluid flows in and out of the tanks. Managing the exact volume can be difficult making it hard to know the quantity of fluid that has moved through the facility. 

Not knowing the amount of fluid in a tank at a given time can have disastrous consequences. For example, if a tank is too full it could overflow causing not only a loss of valuable product (in the case of crude oil) but also the environmental consequences associated with a spill and costly cleanup. Running a tank dry can also cause issues, from pipe cavitation to wasted pump energy and lost efficiency. 

Tank monitoring solutions solve these problems by using a sensor network to allow systems and managers to avoid catastrophes. 

Automatic Tank Gauge System

To better understand tank level monitoring we must look at its parts, one of which is a tank gauging system. A tank gauge will measure the volume of water in a vessel and indicate that volume by either ascertaining the proximity to the top or bottom of the tank or by some other means. 

An automatic tank gauge system allows users to control the actions of pumps feeding even a remote tank, allowing companies, municipalities, and owner/operators to not only monitor their tank levels but make actionable decisions that avoid issues. 

Many automated tank monitoring systems also contain a leak detection system that informs operators if a liquid is detected near outside of the vessel. 

For Wells (Oil and Gas) 

Small oil & gas companies, especially those that operate marginal wells or stripper wells have the most to gain by automating their fuel tank monitoring. Many wells contribute to a single collection point so understanding the product level inside that vessel in real-time is key to reducing waste, and avoiding expensive spills. 

Municipalities Need Automation Too

Government entities that manage water and fluid systems for towns, cities, and counties need automation systems but don’t have the budget for larger SCADA systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can shut down production for extensive installation. Simpler automated tank level monitoring can assist cash-strapped municipalities that have a genuine need (especially those using underground storage tanks) but not the cash to outlay for important infrastructure measures. 

Reign RMC offers automated tank level monitoring along with its POC product that can give the detailed information management teams need, for a fraction of the cost of a full SCADA system. Contact us today to find out more.