Reign SmartPOC™ South Texas Case Study

Smart Pump Off Controllers for Maximum Production

Pump Off Controllers (POCs) have been around for several decades, helping large oil companies increase their production. Reign RMC has developed new, patent-pending technology that allows Stripper Well Operators to take advantage of the same benefits of large and expensive POC systems for a fraction of the price. Some wells recover the technology investment in as little as three months.

Many of these Stripper Well Operators utilize antiquated devices such as clock/timer technology to try and improve their numbers; however, many of these systems do not employ intelligent technology and monitoring to help improve fluid production and significantly reduce unplanned downtime.

The “South Texas” Story

Reign RMC recently conducted a case study with a producer operating in South Texas seeking to improve oil production on 93 of their existing Stripper Well sites. The customer automated 20 of these well sites with the Reign SmartPOCTM. Additionally, they installed tank monitors on separators, production, and water tanks to determine fluid yields on the wells. They also implemented totes and small tanks at each well site as part of the proof of concept to help determine fluid production at each well site.


  • Monitor runtimes and pressures to map trends in fluid production
  • Monitor pressure on wells to detect downhole issues like tubing leaks or issues with flow lines
  • Manage runtime on the pumps to optimize production, reduce energy costs, and reduce wear andtear on equipment
  • Understand remote issues such as power outages and equipment failures to initiate a rapidresponse and minimize unplanned downtime


  • Existing wells that historically produced an average of 0.5 barrels per day are now increased to an average production of 1.73 barrels per day; an over 3 times increase
    • Used pressure information to diagnose and correct an existing flowline issue
    • Instant notification to field personnel of an issue to initiate rapid response times and substantiallyreduce unplanned downtime
    • Pump-Off Control automatically shuts down well until formation has re-charged again, allowinggreater fluid extraction, significantly reducing energy usage, and minimizing equipment wear andtear
    • Authorized personnel can now text for instant notification of site status without finding internetconnectivity or logging into a dashboard or phone app
    • Owners can decide which wells are at optimal production and which wells need attention,maximizing production and making wells that were previously not profitable candidates forworkover and investment
    • Pump runtime monitoring creates preventative maintenance alerts and increases the life of pumps, bearings, and gearboxes
    • Reign SmartPOCTM is easily installed on any new or existing equipment
    • Comes at a price point that justifies a system on every pump
    • Sensors can be removed in minutes to facilitate a workover easily
    • The equipment runs from the power of your current system; no need to run additional service toequipment
    • The system utilizes pressure, automated or manual control, or Virtual Time Clock (VTC), to handlepump control
    • Operators can create preventative maintenance schedules based on equipment run times andinclude PM alerts
    • Runtimes, levels, and pressure monitoring allow an operator to determine poor-performing sitesand determine root causes
    • The innovative system handles the pump control to maximize production and minimize downtown
    • Complete visibility to the system by PC, tablet, SMS text, or phone
    • Achieve better operational dollars by minimizing electrical and labor expenses, increasingproduction yields, and ultimately reducing the break-even costs for stripper wells
    • Reduced wear on the equipment and lower maintenance costs by reducing run times andcontrolling preventative maintenance schedules
    • Included flow estimator provides operators with data to correlate stroke counts with productionand diagnose pressure issues affecting production