As Seen in Municipal Sewer & Water: Spotting Wastewater Problems Before They Happen

Reign RMC’s ReignAir™ air release valve (ARV) monitoring system was recently featured in the “Better Mousetraps” section of Municipal Sewer & Water. The article focused on how we helped the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority monitor an ARV on one of its bridge crossings. Weeks after the system was installed, ReignAir™ alerted to a potential issue that was able to be rectified before it became serious. This was a prime example of the benefit of the system which, in this case, helped protect sensitive Florida Keys waterways from wastewater.

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The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority addressed leaks caused by debris getting into air release valve floats with the installation of ReignAir™ release valve monitors at bridge crossings over sensitive waterways.

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